Tailored to Your Household Needs and Style


We have had the privilege of creating furnishings and cabinetry for some of the country’s most spectacular homes. Working with designers, decorators and homeowners, we help to maximize space with our custom cabinetry and shelving. We also add our vision to your kitchen or bathroom, and can even serve as designer.

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular offerings:

  • Custom breakfronts and china cabinets
  • Custom kitchens and baths
  • Entertainment centers
  • Unique tables, cabinetry
  • Carved wood doors

A house doesn’t become a home until you have made it your own. Anyone can put a cabinet in a house, but few can use cabinets to make a home. At C Chandler Co, we work hand in hand with Designers and/or homeowners to transform houses into homes           

We feel the homeowner should have direct communication about what we build for their home. So, we make ourselves available to each homeowner for the duration of the project and beyond. We work to ensure that each client will call us for each project as they make their houses into homes.




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